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Youth Minister's Reflections

Our youth minister, Brendon Orian, shares reflections primarily on the Sunday readings. Here is the entire collection of past videos. 

For youth in Grades 6-12 who are interested in joining the youth ministry parents can connect with Brendon by email at

"My Lord and my God": 2nd Sunday of Easter

6 April 2021: This second Sunday of Easter brings us to the person of St. Thomas. Often known as doubting Thomas, he speaks a profound truth about Christ. How can we allow our doubts in faith turn into great professions of love and truth for God?

Christ is Risen: Easter Sunday

29 March 2021: On Easter we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ from the dead. This joyous time points us towards our future. To the future of the resurrection of the dead. We are called to strive each day for holiness and hopefully spend the rest of eternal life with God in heaven, body and soul.

Christ's Final Hours: Palm Sunday

23 March 2021: This Sunday we have a long and very rich Gospel depicting the final days and hours leading to Christ's death on the cross. We hear His final words to His disciples. We see the institution of the Eucharist. We see His betrayal, His sentence, and His crucifixion. He went through all of this for each one of us so that we could have eternal life.

Jesus follows the Father's will perfectly. Let's ask Him today for the ability to follow God's will in our life.

Let the Love of God Grow: 5th Sunday of Lent

18 March 2021: By dying to ourselves we allow the law of God to be written on our hearts.

"For God so Loved the World": 4th Sunday of Lent

10 March 2021: Today we look at the Gospel from John 3:14-21. What does it mean that God gave His only Son so that you may have eternal life with Him?

Who is Our "god": 3rd Sunday of Lent

3 March 2021: This week we take a look at what's keeping us from God. What are the idols in our lives that distract or even take the place of God in our lives? 

The Faith of Abraham: 2nd Sunday of Lent

24 February 2021: As we enter into the 2nd Week of Lent we are faced with a difficult story of God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac. What are we to make of this?

Entering the Desert of Lent: 1st Sunday of Lent

18 February 2021: We're just starting Lent so I decided why not explain a bit of what Lent is about. I mention some ideas for fasting, prayer, and almsgiving in this video.

Reaching Out to Jesus: 6th Sunday of Ordinary Time

11 February 2021: This week we explore the Gospel reading of Jesus healing a man with leprosy.

Answering Suffering: 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time

4 February 2021: Today we look at how to respond to suffering in our lives.

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