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Youth Minister's Reflections

Our youth minister, Breandán McCallister, shares reflections primarily on the Sunday readings. Here is the entire collection of past videos. 

For youth in Grades 6-12 who are interested in joining the youth ministry parents can connect with Breandán by email at

Being Ready for Jesus: 1st Sunday of Advent

22 November 2021: This Sunday we start a whole new liturgical year in the Church. In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus reminds us of the coming of the Son of Man at the end of time. He wants us to be prepared for His coming at the end of time. We can take our time this Advent to work on preparing our hearts for the coming of Jesus. Let's remember to make and keep Jesus at the centre of our lives and King of our hearts.

Christ, King of the Universe

15 November 2021: This Sunday is the Feast of Christ, King of the Universe. We acknowledge that Christ is King. We celebrate His centrality in our lives this Sunday. This is a great opportunity to take an honest look and ask if Jesus is truly the centre of our lives. So let's take this week to make the commitment to place Jesus at the centre of our lives.

Jesus Will Return: 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

8 November 2021: We're reminded this Sunday that Jesus will return at the end of time. We must prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus. Whether it be the end of our Earthly lives or the end of time itself. We must ask Jesus to help us love others as He loves us. The upcoming season of Advent is a great time for us to prepare our hearts for the Lord.

Giving All of Ourselves to God: 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

2 November 2021: This week we are looking at the Gospel. Jesus points us towards a widow with no money. She gives all that she has to God at the temple. Jesus reminds us that we need to be like this widow and give all that we have to God. Jesus reminds us that if we give out of abundance that we aren't making the same sacrifice. How can we invest time or finances with the Church in ways that call us to make a sacrifice of ourselves?

Love God and Love Neighbours: 31st Sunday of Ordinary Time

25 October 2021: In this week's Gospel Jesus tells us the two greatest commandments; to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love our neighbours as ourselves. We have to love God and love our neighbours. What does this mean? Watch and find out more.

Healing the Blind: 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time

18 October 2021: This week Jesus heals a blind man named Bartimaeus. This healing miracle is prompted by Bartimaeus praying and calling out, "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!" We too can call out to Jesus with these same words. When we do we're asking Jesus to have mercy on us. When we pray this prayer, The Jesus Prayer, throughout the day we get to know Jesus more and He works more throughout our daily lives.

"Man and Woman He Created Them": 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time

27 September 2021: This week's Gospel Jesus teaches us about God's plan for marriage. His plan for marriage ultimately reflects His plan for us. Marriage between man and woman helps show us, in a little way, how Christ is married to the Church. Christ will never leave His Church.

Saying No to Sin: 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time

20 September 2021: This week we dive into the Gospel of Mark. Jesus has some hard words for us to hear, but these are words that He speaks with love into each of our hearts.

Serving Others: 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time

13 September 2021: In this Sunday's Gospel reading Jesus reminds His disciples, and us, that we need to serve others. We can't be disciples of Jesus and not serve others. Welcoming others, especially children and those new to the faith, is one way in which we can welcome Jesus.

Turning to God: 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time

9 September 2021: This week we see the importance of turning to God in our sufferings. Isaiah and the psalmist both remind us that despite our suffering we can still rejoice in the Lord and praise Him. Jesus reminds us to take up our cross and follow Him. Finally, James reminds us that our faith has to be lived out in works. It's how we can help others who are suffering that we show our love for them and ultimately God.

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