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Baptismal Preparation Ministry


  • Parents are required by the Archdiocese of Toronto to attend a Baptism Preparation Class prior to the Baptism of their child.
  • The purpose of the class is to help parents understand the importance of baptism in their lives and the life of their child.  Our Ministry  encourages the parents to teach their children about our Faith and love of God by example and we suggest that the best way for them to do this is by attending Mass and the Sacraments regularly which is where we find Jesus and the support of our community.
  • We present a DVD, entitled ‘Reborn’, which explores the deeply personal power of Baptism, bringing to light the spiritual reality for parents, godparents and, most importantly, the child being baptized.  The DVD presents the foundation of the Church’s teaching on Baptism, with a step-by-step explanation of the rite itself, including its profound place in Scripture and Tradition.  
  • We have a facilitator’s handbook which enhances the message given in the DVD and Ministers inject their own ‘special’ spirituality as they progress through the class plan.
  • We encourage parents to participate in the class through discussion and to ask any questions they may have.
  • Classes are held every third Wednesday of the month from 7:30 pm to approximately 9:00 pm.
  •  Currently there are two teams, each consisting of two Ministers which means each team facilitates a class every other month throughout the year.  This schedule is working well at present with no need for additional assistance.  If and when the situation changes, a notice will be placed in the Parish bulletin seeking help from interested persons.