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Youth Minister's Reflections

Our former youth minister, Breandán McCallister, shared reflections primarily on the Sunday readings. Here is the entire collection of past videos. 

Who Are We Preparing For: 2nd Sunday of Advent

3 December 2020: As the second Sunday of Advent soon approaches let us take a step back and reflect on specifically what we're preparing for at Christmas.

Who are We Waiting For?: 1st Sunday of Advent

26 November 2020: This weekend we enter into a new liturgical year. How are we preparing ourselves for Christmas and the coming of Christ at the end of time?

Christ: Shepherd and King

18 November 2020: Today we look into this upcoming Sunday readings for the feast of Christ the King. What does it mean that Christ is King? What do shepherds have to do with kings?

All Saints Day & All Souls Day

9 November 2020: Why do we celebrate All Saints Day and All Souls Day?

Relationship with God

9 October 2020: Having a relationship with God is a lot easier than we think. God is patiently and eagerly waiting for us to take the time to spend with Him. Just like we take time to spend with friends and family we need to take time to spend with God.

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